Monday, October 1, 2012

Dr. Gregory Curnew 'Spreads the Health'

Environment Hamilton is very thankful for all the work Hamilton Cardiologist Dr Gregory Curnew has done to help grow our Good Food Box program.  His office distributes as many as 90 Good Food Boxes a month to patients and that number is expected to grow!

As a cardiologist, Dr Curnew does a lot of work to promote healthy living.  He highlights the link between diet and disease in order to prevent illness before it happens.  Dr Curnew suggests that we all need to eat more of the four following types of food: fruits and vegetables, good fats, grain products, and milk and soy products.  By promoting the Good Food Box Dr Curnew has made the fruits and vegetables we all need to thrive available to people who often have a limited budget.

The Good Food Box costs only $15 and includes 11 different fruits and vegetables.  
Alternatively, the program also offers the Eat Local Box,  which might be more appealing to Environment Hamilton members who are keen to support very local, sustainable agriculture.  The Eat Local Box also contains 11 different fruits and vegetables—all locally sourced.  Both boxes are offered year round.  The Eat Local Box costs $27 and provides a subsidy to help the Good Food Box program become more financially and environmentally sustainable.

We already have more than 10 distribution sites across Hamilton  but we are always looking to expand into places like Dr Curnew’s medical clinic. 

If you think that your workplace, church, or community might be interested in helping this important program to grow we would love to work with you.
Contact Karen Burson at Environment Hamilton for details.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Poster Contest


Green Venture and Clean Air Hamilton have partnered to host our second Fighting Climate Change poster contest for Hamilton high school students.
Create a poster encouraging your peers to take action on climate change.  Express an action that people can take to combat climate change and lessen their impact on the planet.  
Make a poster, win great prizes, and get your work seen!  Deadline for entries is Feb 22nd at 4pm.  See details here.
All works will be displayed at an opening reception at Central Library on April 13th, as part of the James St N Art Crawl!  Top works will be displayed in the main lobby at Central Library, at Eco House during Doors Open Hamilton, and the Skydragon Centre (Homegrown Hamilton) for the month of June (including the June Art Crawl) and at other art events TBA. 

1st prize: 1 day workshop of your choice at the Print Studio, 1 year membership at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, $50 gift certificate at Mixed Media
2nd prize: 1 day workshop of your choice at the Print Studio
3rd prize: $50 gift certificate at Mixed Media
Get ideas for your poster:
The world’s climate is changing at a dangerous rate due to high levels of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in our atmosphere.  Many GHGs, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), are naturally abundant and harmless but society produces them at such high rates that it is leading to harmful, planet-wide changes. For more information on climate change and GHGs start here:
It may sound overwhelming, but you can make a difference!  Every time fossil fuels (like oil and natural gas) are used as an energy source, GHGs are released.  Every small action you take to reduce your energy consumption also helps reduce the amount of GHGs entering our atmosphere, helping your community and our planet!  This is your chance to inspire other youth to fight climate change.  All actions help, and every way that we can reduce our use of green house gases will help reduce the impacts of climate change.

Help our environment, inspire others to take action, get your work seen, and win some great prizes!   
Contest Regulations
Poster must be created by Hamilton high school students, and can be made by either individuals or groups.  Any media is acceptable as long as it is on 11"w X 17"h paper (279X432mm / ledger size).  Submit original artwork by 4pm on Feb 22nd, 2012 to Green Venture at 22 Veevers Dr., Hamilton.  Poster must be accompanied by completed registration form and artist statement.  View registration form here.  Digital entries must be 300 DPI and can be submitted to
Posters will be judged by members of Hamilton's artistic, environmental, and educational communities.  Your poster will be judged on creativity, message clarity, composition, and how well it portrays a tangible action and encourages people to take action.  Results will be announced on March 7, 2012.   

If you have a question, contact air@greenventure .ca or call 905-540-8787 ext. 113.
To see our winning entries from last year, check out our blog
Further details about art showings will be posted, so visit us again.

We can’t wait to see your posters!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Building Renewable Energy Co-operatives

The Hamilton Halton Energy Awareness Team (HHEAT)
Building Renewable Energy Co-operatives 
2012 Workshop Series

Overview of the co-op model/Technology and Site Selection.
You will learn about how the community renewable energy co-operative business model works and the basics of renewable energy installation technology and site selection..
Bill Thompson, Hamilton Coordinator Blue Green Canada.
Martin Ince, Project Developer, M.K. Ince and Associate Ltd, Renewable Energy and Environmental Consulting 

Halton: Tuesday, January 24th 2012 Oakville Town Hall from 6.30-9.30 pm.
Hamilton: Wednesday, January 25th 2012 Laidlaw United Church from 6.30-9.30 pm

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

McMaster Innovation Park (MIP) Tour

Nov 28th-Thanks to the staff at the MIP for a wonderful tour.CEO, Zach Douglas gave a presentation of the history of Innovation Park then show the group around the Atrium and the CANMET-MTL building. There was a focus on the renewable energies being employed as well as what makes the building a model of sustainability.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hamilton Climate Change Charter

Environment Hamilton participated in the development of the Hamilton Climate Action Charter. This is an exciting development as Hamilton will be the first community in Ontario to create such a Charter.  A copy of this Charter can be downloaded from the Hamilton Climate Change Champions web site. Many Hamilton organizations are signing up,  and you can too as an individual, family, organization or business through the Hamilton Climate Change Champions website.
​The Charter was signed by Mayor Bob Bratina on behalf of the City of Hamilton on Wednesday October 26th 2011.
The Council of Canadians has developed resources at to discuss the changes needed for the community to reduce the impact our current way of life has on the earth's climate. Localization of the economy, reduction of fossil fuel use and a change from a "growth economy" are all discussed.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Building Community Power Co-operatively

If you are interested in decentralizing power generation in our community, and if you are interested in investing in community power generation (solar and wind) then get involved with the HHEAT project (Hamilton Halton Energy Awareness Team). Check out the Environment Hamilton website and the HHEAT blog for details and updates.

Living the Environment Conference 7

Our Katimavik volunteer is fantastic!